Fresh, Exciting, “Sea of Hammers”

New music on Get Your Dad! The duo Fresh, Exciting (Bill Gillis and Matt Puskar) have a fine new track called “Sea of Hammers.” Enjoy it now!



Billy G. Wilderness, “I Haven’t Got It Made”

After three or four good years and three albums, I’ve decided to retire the Big Ed King Singers handle. Now I’ll be recording under the sage and friendly name of Billy G. Wilderness. Today I am releasing my first song as Billy G., and it’s called “I Haven’t Got It Made.” Hope you enjoy it. Also, I like pizza.

Debut LP from Air Boss on Get Your Dad!

The long-anticipated Air Boss LP “The Case of Jimmy Barnes” is out on Get Your Dad Records. Air Boss is an instrumental trio from the South. You can hear “The Case of Jimmy Barnes” on Air Boss’s Soundcloud page right here.

And, here’s a great track from the album. This track is called “Breather,” and it’s a beauty.