Shouting and Pointing Update

Get Your Dad Records artist Shouting and Pointing spent much of December in the 401 E. Dixie St. studio in Bloomington, Indiana, working hard on its debut album. Both Michael K. and Rishika M. visited the studio to contribute vocals on several tunes. There is still much work to do, including laying more vocals down, putting together the final mixes, and printing and burning the final product, but the band is hoping the album will be ready by March or April of 2009.

Unless there are any last minute additions or subtractions, the album will include 12 songs. The titles are (in random order):

Lou and Me
Let Me Go
A Little Bit of Faith
Old Phillies in the Alley
Drug Deal Gone Good
Busing Is Here to Stay
The Lake
Short People–>Tusk
Beard Week

Finally, below is a preview of the cover art. Stay tuned for further updates, including a record release party benefiting Hoosier Hills Food Bank, to be held in Bloomington in March, April, or May.



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