GYD History: The Get Your Dad Records Story (2004)

In the winter of 2004, I was a young journalism student living in Ohio with time on my hands and love in my heart. I also had access to top-quality CD burning and mixing software. With this in mind, I embarked on an ambitious project: a six-CD “history” of Get Your Dad Records. One problem: Get Your Dad had released no original music at that time (or at this time, for that matter).  Solution: just make a superb six-CD mix, comprising songs that both myself and GYD co-founder MAM had traded, talked about, and listened to with frequency.

This was a time-consuming project that involved bringing loads of CDs to the Ohio University School of Osteopathic Medicine, where I was employed on a part-time basis and where the burning and mixing software was located. My aim was to have this ready for MAM’s mid-March birthday. I failed. However, I did manage to complete the project by late spring 2004, complete with cover art (which bears absolutely no aesthetic resemblance to the proposed Shouting and Pointing cover. None at all.)

Below are the front and back covers for Volume 1. The back cover includes a short history of the label (which includes an historical inaccuracy; the “Get Your Dad” incident occurred in October 1989, not in October 1988, as the copy suggests) and the song list. The remaining five volumes will follow.





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