Shouting and Pointing, “Incident on Dixie Street.” OUT TUESDAY!

The long-awaited Shouting and Pointing debut, “Incident on Dixie Street,” will be was released Tuesday, March 17, on Get Your Dad Records. The album features 11 songs and times in at approximately 37 minutes. It features the vocal stylings of band members Bill G., Michael K., and Rishika M., and also includes guitar work from guest musician Andrew Huebner on “Lou and Me.”

CDs are $6. $3 of each purchase will be donated to the Hoosier Hills Food Bank in Bloomington, Indiana. Mail-order is also available, at $6 + $2 for shipping. Of course, $3 will go to the Food Bank whether you purchase the album in person or via mail order. If you would like to make a purchase, send me an e-mail at wcgillis [at] indiana [dot] edu.

Stay tuned for more details on a record release party to benefit the Hoosier Hills Food Bank, tentatively scheduled for May in Bloomington. In the meantime, Bill G. will be taking his qualifying exams. Ugh.

Thanks for everyone’s interest and support.

Shouting and Pointing




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