GYD History: T-shirt, Vol. 2: Photograph found!

Back in January and February we here at GYD published a number of posts chronicling the label’s t-shirt history. In all we have produced five different shirts since 1999. However, until today, we were unable to locate t-shirt #2: a white “ringer” with royal blue trim. Nor did we have any photographic evidence of said shirt. Thankfully our correspondent Jim B. from New York City sent me this message today, along with an exciting photograph:

Hope all is well with you, man.  I was at the annual fantasy football draft last night at Burx’ place and Mike gave me “Incident on Dixie Street,” which I’m about to listen to.  I was perusing your history of GYD section of your website and was reading about the t-shirts, and I saw the part about your search for evidence of the second version of the t-shirt.

Oddly enough, my girlfriend and I were sorting through my entire wardrobe on Sunday night (I had to seal all of my garments in trash bags for a precautionary fumigation for bedbugs).  She was encouraging me to get rid of as much as I could, as I have a tendency to collect stuff and never throw it away.  At one point she held up GYD Vol. 2 and suggested it go in the trash.  I said, “What?!”, and then remembered that she didn’t know the history of GYD or the t-shirts.

Anyway, I just put the t-shirt on and snapped this photo (attached).

Thanks, Jim!

Thanks, Jim!


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