Shouting and Pointing’s “Plussing and Taking Away” LP Is Available Now!

Shouting and Pointing’s second LP, “Plussing and Taking Away” is finally done, and it’s available now. Get Your Dad Records has completed its initial run of 10,000 60 copies, and they are available now. The album is free, so send me an e-mail at wcgillis [at] indiana [dot] edu if you are interested in a copy and I’ll be sure to get one to you.

Nine of the album’s 13 songs can also be heard on the band’s myspace page:

Shouting and Pointing is William Gillis and Michael Kapellas. The band wishes to offer special thanks to Scott Myrick and Matt Puskar for their help on this record. The album was recorded with a PSR-E413 keyboard, a Jack Proto guitar, a Squier bass, and an Alesis SR16 drum machine. We used a Mac desktop computer, GarageBand 3, and a little bit of Audacity and Cubase.

“Plussing and Taking Away” is Get Your Dad Records’s second release, catalog number GYD002.

P.S.: Shouting and Pointing likes you.


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