In the works: Air Boss, Big Ed King Singers, Clap Belt

You have heard the critics, the nay-sayers. “Get Your Dad Records is a one-trick pony. Yes, they have put out two wildly successful LPs by Shouting and Pointing. But what else have they done but put out some admittedly beautiful t-shirts?”

Well, Get Your Dad sayz in response, “Who’s who with the what now?”

So, without further ado, Get Your Dad is proud to announce forthcoming releases by three (count ’em! three!) artists:

Air Boss

Air Boss is a trio based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, comprising Andrew Huebner, Rob Guthrie, and Dan Sweaney. Both Huebner and Guthrie play various guitars and keyboards, and Sweaney plays viola. ‘Boss is currently at work on its first album, which will feature the band’s unique instrumental stylings.

Big Ed King Singers

Big Ed King Singers is William Gillis, who is also a member of Shouting and Pointing, runs the Get Your Dad label, and is writing this here post. He’s been working on lots of songs with plenty of sloppy electric and acoustic guitar. Watch this space for a video for Big Ed King Singers’ first single, “Shepherds’ School,” sometime this summer. Big Ed King Singers’ debut album, “Sing for You,” is due for release later this year. In about an hour Big Ed is gonna head home to work on some more Big Ed King Singers tracks and feed that big cat who is always lurking around.

Clap Belt

Clap Belt is Matt P. and William Gillis. Matt P. and Gillis have been working on songs together since the fall. Both P. and Gillis play guitars, keyboards, and sing.


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