Ees and Wizz: Fun Ad #7

The “I’m Not a Crook” watch, advertised just over a month after Nixon’s resignation.

“Note: This watch will no doubt become a collectors [sic] item and become more valuable in years to come.”

So was the “I’m Not a Crook” watch a shrewd investment? Depends on who you ask, or who’s doing the sellin’.

As of October 27, 2010, has three “I’m Not a Crook” watches listed.

One offers a “buy it now” price of $2,450.98.

Another seller with 0 bids and four days remaining left on the auction has a minimum bid price of $799.

And finally, a third seller with three days remaining on the auction has 3 bids, with a current bid price of $6.26.

I’m no statistician (ask those who took stats and quantitative methods classes with me), but those prices are different.

What can we learn from this? Nothing.

Charleston (W.V.) Sunday Gazette-Mail, September 15, 1974.


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