Ees and Wizz: 1970s Rockers in Hockey Jerseys #1

I like reading about rock. I like looking at photos of those who play rock. And through the years I have noticed that in the mid- and late-1970s, more than a handful of rock stars enjoyed wearing ice hockey jerseys on stage and in photo shoots. I argue that such jerseys were “in” and “hip” in the rock-star community during this period. I will provide evidence of this phenomenon with appropriate photographs in a series of blog posts here on the Get Your Dad site.

I believe that no other band employed the ice hockey jersey look from c. 1974-1979 more so than Genesis, and in particular, drummer-turned-lead vocalist Phil Collins. So it is appropriate indeed to lead off with a photo of Genesis circa 1976, with Peter Gabriel departed, Steve Hackett still on guitar, and the great Bill Bruford (center) handling the drums for the band’s American tour, so Phil could tackle the lead vocals unencumbered by sticks and kit.

Check out Phil on the left. What’s he wearing? Why it’s a mid-1970s road Minnesota North Stars jersey, #21. And he and Tony Banks are drinking beers in the kind of squat bottle common during the 1970s but now all too rare (Is Red Stripe the only brand still using this kind of bottle?).


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