This is the online home of Get Your Dad Records. GYD was formed in 1998 in Hoboken, N.J., by William Gillis and Michael Mariniello.

Get Your Dad is currently home to the artists Billy G. Wilderness and Fresh, Exciting. GYD has also released music by Air Boss, Big Ed King Singers, Clap Belt, Impact ’66, the International Committee to Kick Your Ass, Mel Barry and the Testifiers, Mobile Girls, and Shouting and Pointing..

You can find Get Your Dad tracks at the Get Your Dad Records page on Soundcloud. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter. You can also find GYD videos on Vimeo and YouTube.

Get Your Dad LPs and EPs:

GYD7 Big Ed King Singers, “Pronounced Big Ed King Singers” (LP released July 2015)

GYDAB Air Boss, “The Case of Jimmy Barnes” (LP released December 2014)

GYD6 Big Ed King Singers, “Songs of Assurance” (LP released October 2013)

GYD5 Big Ed King Singers, “Sing for You” (LP released June 2012)

GYD4 “Get Your Dad Presents: Spirit of 73” (7-track label sampler released August 2010)

GYD2 Shouting and Pointing, “Plussing and Taking Away” (LP released March 2010)

GYD1 Shouting and Pointing, “Incident on Dixie Street” (LP released March 2009)


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