Big Ed King Singers w/ BrainPan Radio, “A System for Us”

What’s this? C’mon, no need to be coy, Roy. It’s Big Ed King Singers, w/ big help from Pittsburgh’s Brainpan Radio. At other times, this team is known as Increased Strength. Not this time? Why? Well that is private, hear? You got it now, Roy.



Big Ed King Singers, “I Like the Look of You”

Get Your Dad sez NO to not releasing NEW trax from mainline artistes such as your own Big Ed King Singers. Get Your Dad sez YES to kind feelings and sayings, and NEW trax such as “I Like the Look of You” by Big Ed King Singers.

Increased Strength, “Mad at Mel”

Increased Strength is a strong group that now has two songs it can call its own. The first one was “Big Hawk” and the second one is “Mad at Mel.” Listen to this dynamic Bloomington-Pittsburgh hybrid sound and gawk, mouth agape and with jaw slack.