Shouting and Pointing

Shouting and Pointing is William Gillis of Bloomington, Indiana, and Michael Kapellas of Memphis, Tennessee.

S+P’s latest effort, released in November 2012, is a remake of a song originally released in 2009. “Short People–>Tusk ’90,” like the original, features Rishika Murthy on vocals.


S+P released the single and video “She’s Got a Peculiar Way ’86” in June 2011. Thanks to Carrie Donovan, who provided backing vocals on the track. Here’s the video:

Shouting and Pointing’s first LP, “Incident on Dixie Street,” was released in March 2009, and featured Rishika Murthy on four tracks. The album was Get Your Dad Records’ first release.

Shouting and Pointing’s second LP, “Plussing and Taking Away,” appeared in March 2010.

Photo: Scott Myrick


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